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Getting restorations for your teeth, like bridges and dentures, was once an uncomfortable process involving thick mold material that didn’t always make an accurate impression. Today, at Goodman & Rosenberg Dentistry in Pleasantville, New Jersey, Paul H. Goodman, DDS, and Jay L. Rosenberg, DDS, use digital impressions for better patient comfort, more accurate impressions, and faster restoration milling. Find out if digital impressions are necessary for your next treatment by calling Goodman & Rosenberg Dentistry or requesting an appointment online today.

Digital Impressions Q & A

What are digital impressions?

Digital impressions are a newer, more modern alternative to the impressions with putty that dentists once used. They’re more comfortable for you, the patient, and they create a more accurate replica of your teeth and soft tissues. 

It only takes a few minutes to make the impression. After scanning your mouth, the team can see the rendering immediately on a computer screen. They can also rescan your mouth if necessary for a better image. 

Dr. Goodman, Dr. Rosenberg, and their team use advanced technology to make a 3D computer-generated model of your mouth. They can use this model for a number of different purposes, like creating restorations that fit in your mouth perfectly. 

For which treatments are digital impressions necessary?

There are a few reasons why Dr. Goodman and Dr. Rosenberg might use digital impressions as a key part of your treatment plan. Digital impressions allow them to design prosthetic restorations that look nearly identical to or better than your natural teeth. Restorations that digital impressions can help create include:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Veneers

Once you get your prosthetic restorations created using digital impressions, they should fit perfectly right away. 

Dr. Goodman, Dr. Rosenberg, and their team might make some final adjustments to the prosthetic to make sure it looks as natural as possible in your mouth, but the digital impressions make for a very accurate fit. In many cases, the team can make and place your restorations on the very same day as your digital impressions.

What should I expect while getting digital impressions?

Getting digital impressions is far different from traditional impression methods, which used a plaster mold. You had to bite into the material, which was uncomfortable and inconvenient for some patients, and the impression took a longer time to make.

When you get digital impressions at Goodman & Rosenberg Dentistry, the team first cleans your mouth. Then, they use a wand-shaped intraoral device to scan the inside of your mouth. They move the wand over the tooth or teeth that need restorations to take multiple images, which they can splice together using a computer. This process takes just over a minute. 

Once the impressions are ready, the team can start milling your restorations using high-end, color-matched ceramic. Ceramic restorations are designed to look just like your normal teeth and withstand the forces of your bite. 

Call Goodman & Rosenberg Dentistry or book an appointment online to find out if digital impressions are necessary for your next treatment today.