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Single visit CEREC crowns are one of the most remarkable innovations to exist in the world of dentistry. Instead of making multiple visits to your dentist, it’s possible to get everything done during one appointment.

CEREC technology makes it possible to create customized, tooth-colored, strong ceramic restorations at the dental office. With this innovation, there’s no reason to attend a second appointment. Also, it means that patients leave the office with their all-porcelain, beautiful restoration intact. You won’t have to look at that unsightly black margin at the gum line any further. There’s no better way to achieve aesthetic dental beauty than with CEREC technology.

Avoid Multiple Visits

Most dental treatments to restore the smile require that a patient make multiple trips. This isn’t just inconvenient, but it takes up a good amount of time. For example, a typical restoration would require two separate appointments.

During the first visit, patients typically receive an anesthesia injection and have their tooth prepared for treatment. Then, they have the impression taken and the dentist applies the temporary restoration to the tooth until the permanent is ready.

The second appointment occurs when the permanent restoration is ready. This could be up to two weeks later. Then, they have to get another anesthesia injection. After that, the dentist removes their temporary restoration and the permanent crown is applied.

Unless you really like visiting the dentist, it seems like a waste of time to go twice when you don’t need to. Why not just get it all done in one visit with CEREC?

Beautiful and Durable Results

With just one visit, your dentist can prepare the damaged tooth, create an impression and then use CEREC technology to design your accurate, beautiful restoration. During that same visit, the dentist adjusts your crown to ensure the perfect fit. Then, it’s bonded permanently in your mouth so you can get back to life faster.

There’s minimal discomfort, absolutely no mess, and no reason to come back for a second appointment. You can achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you desire without the usual wait.

The Best Solution

CEREC treatment is just a convenient way to handle tooth restoration, but it’s also the best way. Years ago, your dentist only had a few options available when they wanted to repair damaged and decayed teeth. These options all included gold, amalgam, or the materials made from metal.

With CEREC technology, the dentist utilizes durable, tooth-colored ceramic to provide the ideal restoration for your mouth. Not only does this offer more strength than the previous materials, but it also has increased function and a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Because the materials involved in CEREC match the natural tooth composition and structure, they look more natural than anything else available. Once they are bonded to your tooth, you won’t even notice the difference. It also allows your dentist to conserve more of your healthy tooth than was previously available. This adds extra strength to the structure for a longer, more durable life.

If you have more questions regarding CEREC dental technology and how this same-day treatment can help you, feel free to reach out to your dentist.


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