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Dr. Jay Rosenberg trained at the American Academy of Facial Esthetics in Botox.

If you’ve been considering Botox, you might not have known that this service is available from your dentist. More people recognize this treatment as safe and simple when you want a youthful appearance. That’s why it only makes sense to have it done by your trusted dental professional.

Why Should You Consider Botox?

As we get older, many things occur with our bodies. One of the most noticeable is the appearance of wrinkles which form. Most often, they begin around the eyes and you get crow’s feet. Of course, you’ve probably also noticed the forehead wrinkles and the famous 11 that appears in between your eyebrows. If you want to prevent any of these from happening or you want to halt the process, then Botox is a great solution.

What many people don’t understand is that Botox treatment goes much deeper than just fighting wrinkles. Many users have also found success using Botox for treating migraines, eliminating excessive sweat and stopping muscle spasms in the eyes or neck.

The Botox Injection Procedure

Once the dentist applies a numbing anesthetic, the Botox is injected through a fine needle. Because you are numb and due to the size of the needle, there is entirely no pain involved. The treatment is also quite speedy considering it will be over in ten minutes or less for most procedures.

Is Botox a Safe Procedure?

Botox is FDA-approved for wrinkle treatment since 2002. While there are occasional side effects, they remain uncommon. Some of the most frequent side effects reported aren’t dangerous at all. They include minor bruising, swelling or pain near the injection site.

Most patients can undergo Botox treatment without an issue. Before any procedure, it’s important that your dentist knows your complete medical history and all the prescriptions you currently take. It’s especially critical to know if you take any blood thinners because you might need to stop them prior to treatment.

If you aren’t a good candidate for Botox, the dentist will know based on your history, so make sure you are honest and upfront about everything.

Is It Safe to Get Botox from my Dentist?

Absolutely! As long as your dentist is trained through an accredited program, it’s perfectly safe for them to administer Botox. After training and extensive continuing education through practice, your dentist is fully skilled and versed at performing Botox injections. In fact, most people feel more comfortable having Botox done by the dentist they already know and trust.

After Getting Botox

Once you’ve received your Botox treatment, you can immediately get back to your normal activities. There’s no recovery period involved. Just make sure you avoid rubbing the area for a short time as that can cause the Botox to spread unnecessarily.

You might even notice a difference in your appearance right away. Overall, the best results are seen three to seven days after the injection. In some situations, it could take up to two weeks. The effects should last you through three months, but occasionally they continue for up to six months. During that time, you’ll notice that the muscles involved no longer contract. This prevents wrinkles from deepening and forming.

If you have further questions about Botox treatment, be sure to make an appointment with the dentist today.


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